Encourage and increase innovation at work

innoloop is a tool that makes it easy to create, manage, schedule, and collaborate on innovation at work.

Empower your colleagues to contribute and grow ideas into innovations, that may shape the future of your entire organisation.

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Grow new ideas and create a culture of innovation

How innoloop works

Create challenges


Create challenges to gather ideas on new or existing products, organisation improvements, sales tactics, social activities or new marketing initiatives.

Gather ideas


You and your colleagues can add ideas, appreciate and comment on each others. The most appreciated ideas rise to the top. You can also reward the best ones.

Discover insights


Find out what is important to your organisation. innoloop automatically highlights trending topics and tells you how positive or negative the ideas are.

What makes innoloop different

Maybe you are already using some tools to innovate, how does innoloop compare to them?

Whiteboards and paper notes

It sure is easy to quickly gather your newest ideas on a team whiteboard, or use sticky notes to collaborate as a group.

Problems arise however when your whiteboard is erased, or when your paper notes are misplaced or lost. It can be difficult to organise and filter all of the notes as more are added.

Whiteboards and paper notes

Email and mailing lists

Email is the backbone to most modern organisations, making it useful to keep up to date with everything that is happening inside your company.

It can also become hard to manage and stay on top of, we have all been a victim of the RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: email chains that we probably shouldn't have even been CC'd on, where important information can frequently get lost in the noise.

Email and mailing lists

Software and Enterprise Social Networks™

Most internal software is needlessly complex, out-dated and difficult to use. Too many options, menus and settings make it hard to recommend to your colleagues.

Technology can empower people to do fantastic things, but not when they are fighting against it.

Other software and Enterprise Social Networks™

innoloop is purpose built for innovative teams

We make an extra effort to ensure that innoloop is easy to use and secure enough store all of your innovative ideas for as long as you need.

A unique feature of innoloop is the automatic identification of trending topics, helping you to distil all the ideas added to innoloop into actionable insights.

This makes innoloop the perfect tool to help you to engage your employees, prepare for future growth and become a more innovative organisation.

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innoloop saves you time and effort

How innoloop can benefit your organisation

Increase collaboration

People thrive when they have a place to openly support and appreciate each other. From the most senior to most junior, make a difference together.

Improve happiness

Happy employees perform better, will stay at your company longer and are more likely to promote your organisation to others.

Save time and effort

Quickly see what is important to your organisation, helping you to assess priorities and discover which areas will make the biggest impact.

innoloop is an easy to use innovation tool that people enjoy using

Nothing to download, install or update. innoloop is fully hosted on our servers, all you need is a web browser.

innoloop is fully featured on desktop, tablets and mobile so that innovations can be created anywhere, anytime.

innoloop is available across multiple devices

Encryption ensures that your team's private data is secure and only accessible by members of your organisation.

You and your team can choose to be notified of new ideas via email and real-time notifications.

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