About innoloop

We build tools to stimulate and encourage innovation within your organisation.

A small number of organisations constantly adapt and thrive, whereas most others continue doing the same old thing until its too late. Unfortunately most employees are not given the chance to innovate and suggest new ideas until the opportunity for change has passed. It is our goal to reverse that trend.

Our experience and extensive research shows that organisations with a strong, internal source of innovation, result in higher revenues, more opportunities for future growth and happier employees.

We believe that people are able to do their best work when they have the freedom to have their voices heard and their ideas shared. Research shows that happier employees stay in their jobs longer and willingly promote their organisation to others.

Taking all of this into consideration we built innoloop from the ground up to help your team to grow new ideas and innovate inside your organisation.

With our ongoing research and customer feedback we're constantly learning and improving our products and services. We love to work closely with our customers and partners, to help them to succeed.

Spencer Beckford

innoloop was founded by Spencer Beckford in July 2015.

Having worked for many organisations over the past 15 years, from small family owned startups all the way up to multinational corporations, I have been fascinated by their different approaches to innovation. Leading me to learn, research and understand why and how certain organisations prosper and innovate more than others. I tried to imagine how innovation could be improved for organisations of all sizes, regardless of industry. This resulted in the creation of innoloop, to help stimulate innovation and improve company culture.

Please give innoloop a try, for free. I'm 100% certain that innoloop can improve how you innovate within your organisation. If it doesn't, I would love to hear about it. You can always email me directly at spencer@innoloop.com.

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