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Explore how innoloop can help you and your organisation become more innovative.

Innovation challenges

Create and use Innovation Challenges to gather new ideas and suggestions on a particular subject or challenge unique to your organisation.

You can open Challenges to your entire organisation or limit them to specific groups of people based on department or location.

Challenges can be used to gather ideas on:

  • New/existing products
  • Marketing ideas
  • Potential partnerships
  • Operational improvements
  • Sales tactics
  • Social activities
Innovation Challenges

Trending topics

As new ideas are added, innoloop automatically extracts and highlights trending phrases and shows them in an interactive word cloud. This helps you to have a quick understanding of what everyone is talking about, without having to read through every idea in detail.

The trending topics update in real-time and can be filtered to quickly see all of the ideas that are related.

Trending topics

Appreciate & comment

Show your appreciation for ideas that are added by others to give them higher visibility and acknowledge that you would like to see this idea developed futher.

Add comments to ideas to ask questions or provide your own insights and experience. This can help to stimulate conversation around a particular idea and develop it into a real innovation.

Appreciate and comment on ideas

Groups & permissions

You can group people by their department, location or responsibilities. This is useful for when you want to create challenges for specific groups of people.

Add people to groups

Once you have created some groups, you can give them extra permissions so that they may help to create their own challenges, give rewards, invite new people or assist with moderating new ideas and comments.

Add permissions to groups

Achievements & rewards

As you and your team members add new ideas, comments and appreciations, you will unlock achievements that show how you have been contributing.

Unlock achievements

You can give your team members real-world rewards for significant contributions. innoloop is pre-loaded with a few rewards to get you started but you can customise them and add your own to suit your budget.

Give rewards

Points & leaderboards

Friendly competition is enabled with the leaderboards, here you can see who has been submitting the best ideas and compare how teams and departments stack up against each other.


Moderation & anonymity

You can choose to moderate new ideas and comments before they are visible to others with a simple workflow.

Moderate ideas and comments

You can allow people to contribute anonymously on certain challenges if you are discussing a difficult subject.

Allow anonymous ideas

Notifications & subscriptions

You can be notified of new activity by email and real-time notifications within innoloop. Easily subscribe to a particular challenge or idea if you want to be updated with its progress.


Insights & data export

Insights are always available to get a high level view of how innoloop is being used at your organisation. Alongside stats and numbers, here you will be able to see trending topics for all of the challenges together, alongside sentiment analysis to discover where the most positive or negative ideas are coming from.


You can export any or all of your data at any time to perform your own analysis or create your own reports.

Export your data

Security & privacy

Your instance of innoloop is unique and only available to you and your team. Everything created by you and your team members is private and secure.

No data is shared with third-parties or available to anyone outside of your organisation.

See our Security policy for more details.

Secure login

Features for your team

  • Unlimited challenges
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Email notifications
  • Allow anonymous ideas
  • Leaderboards
  • Export your data
  • Mobile/tablet support
  • SSL security
  • Moderation tools
  • Group based permissions
  • Customisable rewards
  • Email/domain access controls
  • Real time insights
  • Challenge library
  • Sentiment analysis

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