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Groups can be used to group people by department, location, skill or any other category. Once you have created some groups and added people to them, you can create Challenges for specific groups or grant special permissions to them. For example, creating sales target based Challenges for your Sales team - or giving Team Leaders the ability to give rewards to other people for contributing towards useful innovations.

Finding the people tab

To add people to groups, navigate your way to the People settings page by clicking on your name on the top right of the page and then click on "Team settings" from the menu that appears. From here click on the People tab.

Adding people to groups

Each person in the list has an editable Groups field. Type a new group name in to one of these fields, press enter and the group will be added. Once a group has been added, you can easily add other people to the same group by selecting it from the list that appears on their groups. Your changes are saved each time you add or remove a group to a person. You can remove a person from a group by clicking on the x icon on the group name.

Adding people to groups

You can easily filter the list of people by the using the groups list at the top of the People page. Once you select a group from this list, and additional context menu is available so that you can edit the name of the group or delete the group. To go back the the list of everyone, simply choose your Team name from the groups list.

Filtering and editing groups