innoloop Customising settings & permissions

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Navigate to the Team settings by clicking on your name on the top right and selecting 'Team settings' from the menu that appears.

From here you can change your Team name and upload a logo that represents your Team/Organisation.

You can also modify innoloop features by enabling or disabling them. For example you can choose to turn off the 'Points, achievements and leaderboards' feature if you wish.

Team settings

Within the 'Permissions' section, you can choose which groups of people have access to special features within innoloop. For example, you may only want HR to invite new people or you might to restrict the ability to give awards to Line Managers. The default group with your Team name refers to everyone within your Team.

Editing permissions

The 'Registration' section allows you to choose and modify how new people can access innoloop. You can restrict or allow new people to register based on their email address, email domain or if they must be invited by someone who is already registered.

Registration settings