innoloop Insights and exporting data

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The Insights page gives you a high-level view of how innoloop is being used by your Team. From here you will easily be able to see how many Challenges, Ideas, Comments, Appreciations, Rewards have been created and/or given. You can use the date-range selectors to view Insights data between dates of your choosing. By default the dates start from when your Team started using innoloop to today.

Insights stats

Use the 'Export your data' button to export any or all of the data that has been entered into innoloop as CSV files. You can open these CSV files in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or any other Spreadsheet software package.

The Trending Topics from all of the live and completed Challenges are shown here to give you a view of 'What everyone is talking about', from here you can select a Topic, see where it came from and how it links to similar Ideas.

What is everyone talking about

The overall Sentiment is shown here to help you to understand the overall mood of your Team while they are adding their Ideas to innoloop. You can select a piece of the pie to look at the specific Ideas that have been marked as Positive, Neutral or Negative.

Hows the mood