innoloop Inviting your team members

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If you created your team account using your company/work email address, you can simply send your team web address to your team members by email, they will be able to register using their own company email address. You can find your team web address in the welcome email that you were sent after you created your team account.

Registing a new account

Alternatively you can send invitations from inside innoloop. To do this, click on your name on the top right of innoloop and select "Send an invite" from the menu that appears. From here, enter the name and email address of the person that you wish to invite, you can also include a custom message if you wish. To send the invite, click the "Send invitation now" button.

Inviting a new person

Instead of inviting people one by one, you can send multiple invites at the same time. From the "Send an invite" screen, click on "Invite multiple people". From here you can enter the email addresses of everyone that you want to invite, be sure to separate each email address with a semicolon..

Inviting multiple people

To send the invites, click the "Send invitation now" button and all of the invites will be sent immediately.