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From the Challenges page, select a Challenge to see more about it, look at what Ideas have already been added and add your own Ideas. Using Challenges

You can subscribe to a Challenge if you would like to be notified each time a new Idea has been added. These notifications will appear while you are logged in to innoloop and they will also be sent to you via email.

The person who created the Challenge (and Admins) have the ability to send email notifications to let people know about a new challenge or to send a reminder to those who have not added their Ideas to this Challenge yet.

Trending Topics

Trending topics show a real-time overview of what Ideas are being suggested within this Challenge. The topics become bigger or smaller depending on how much they are being talked about and how well they are appreciated. You can select any of the topics shown to see all of the Ideas that relate to it.

Challenge Ideas

Select the area labelled 'Add your Idea here...' to start Adding your Ideas to a Challenge.